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Upcoming Projects

Exciting projects in the pipeline 

Relaunching my newsletter

This June: Exciting changes are coming to the newsletter! I am dividing into three unique streams. See something that resonates with you? Subscribe form coming soon!

June 2024
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Deep Reflections on Navigating Life


Next issue : Rediscovering Spaces and Activities Post-Breakup - platonic, romantic and familial

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AI & Policy News


like my recent article on the US Supreme Court Case on Content Moderation

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Women in Tech news and opportunities 

like the upcoming scholarship deadline for Grace Hopper Celebration

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Kin To Ada

August 2024

Launching an online community platform to tackle inequality in access, advice and support for opportunities. Building on the idea that it's difficult if not impossible to work towards something you don't know exists. 


{ Yet to be named } Podcast!

October 2024

Podcast discussing issues, news and tea in the world of AI, Policy and Fairness- Equity

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