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Two Important Lessons I learned about Festival Holidays

I was always a little wary of the holidays. Sometimes the stories behind the festival celebration didn’t quite add up, sometimes the customs around it felt off or too much for me. I sound like the grinch don’t I?😅

But here are two lessons that totally changed my perspective on festival holidays that I learned this year.

a. A Festival Celebration isn’t really about the festival.

This is something I picked up from a series I much loved - Being Erica, created by Jana Sanyor.

The true spirit of holidays is not in the place, traditions, or decorations but in being surrounded by your loved ones. A holiday in that sense can never be ruined just because for instance, the Xmas Tree isn't great, or the Thanksgiving Turkey was burned too much.

So, A festival celebration isn’t really about the festival, but about the opportunity to come together with your loved ones.

b. Kind Holidays instead of Happy Holidays.

To be around loved ones, in a state of peace and relaxation without any emotional, mental, physical, or financial stress during the holidays is a privilege.

For instance, think about the amount of work that in traditional homes women go through to cook all the food that comes with the celebration in day Thanksgiving, Onam, etc. Thinking about the financial burden that comes along to the breadwinners of each home for the celebration and gifts for each celebration.

Hence it makes more sense and maybe even more emphatic to wish "May these holidays be gentle and kind on you” than 'Happy Holidays' in some context.

So, wishing you a gentle and kind holiday this Winter Break.


1st Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

2nd Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

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