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This is where I get offboard | PEHIA Foundation

Hey everyone,

Most people know me in the context of the Pehia Foundation. A Whatsapp group born out of frustration of restrictions posed on me as a girl child; turned to a section 8 national nonprofit for whom I was co-founder and Director. It's been over three years this last October, and Pehia gets ready for its third annual summit next month.

May it be in my personal life and my career aspirations, or may it be in the tech ecosystems in Kochi and many homes in Kerala, the transformation has been amazing. No words could describe how moving and massive an impact Pehia had in many hundred lives, including mine. I take it as an honor and a blessing to have started and taken part in this journey. But for me, this is the end of the road.

I have worked to the best of my capacity for the cause we believe in and strive for at the Pehia family. I have made more than my fair share of mistakes and borne the consequences too. But I have always given my then best. Lately, especially the past year, I haven't been able to offer as much as I used to. Life moves on, and priorities shift ranks, but the time in a day remains the same.

Therefore, I have decided to take a few things off my plate to focus on what I love the most - my career as a woman in engineering. The next few years are critical for me. Debugging through the large knowledge gaps I have and doing more of what I love so that I will learn. Building projects for fun, to research in Computer Science. Studying more and Building more.

Hence, with much hope for tomorrow, I would like to let you know that I am removing myself from the duties of Director of Pehia Foundation. The official paperwork may take some time, but the wheels have started moving.

I want to thank everyone who took part with me in this journey. Motivating, redirecting, and supporting me in this movement, especially Sreepriya Radhakrishnan, with whom I began the journey. Though it's not up to me to announce the new women in leadership, knowing who they are, their track record, and their passion, lets me know that Pehia is in good hands. I wish the organization the very best.

With much hope and lots of love,

Enfa Rose George

Co-founder, soon-to-be ex-Director,

Pehia Foundation

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