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Graduate School

Swimming through grad school, Masters in Computer Science at The University Of Arizona.

Coursework - Spring 2021

CSC 545 Design and Analysis of Algorithms - J. Kececioglu

INFO 521 Introduction to Machine Learning - C. Roman Palacios

CSC 588 Machine Learning Theory - C. Zhang

CSC 910
Master's Thesis

Semester One

Previous Semester (Fall 2021)
Previous Coursework

  • CSC 583 - Text Retrieval & Web Search

  • CSC910 Masters Thesis

  • LING 503 - Foundation of Syntax (Audited)

  • Part-Time Graduate Research Assistant under Prof.Mihai Suredeanu

  • TA for CS380: Introduction to Data Science


My personal guide on moving to US

Moving from India to the US as a Non-immigrant Student was an exciting experience. Here is a notion page that has some information on packing, visa , immigration and related that I made/used. I will hopefully publish a more structured version some time, probably Summer 2022. Hoping this helps someone in the meanwhile. If you face any issues in access, please feel free to contact me. ig @enfageorge

GRE - Graduate Record Examination

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