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Build In Public

A Public Diary


I am a huge sucker for super personal blogs. Raw Rough Projections of self onto a public wall. I have many a time found solace and inspiration from many who expressed so, may that be through blogs, podcasts, IG stories, TikTok video, etc; motivating me to write my own.


I have tried a few times in many forms. As Winston Churchill once said, Perfection is the enemy of progress. So the idea now is to get something out, for that's better than nothing.

Nobody is an overnight success, though that is exactly how it looks to the outside world. For the metrics I set for myself, I know I am in the right direction, and this is a public journal tracking how I will get there. Through this I will share all the things I learn and relearned, all the failures and rejections I will face, all the blunders I will commit, all the pain I will go through, and all the growth I will have. So here we go.

- 8th Dec 2021

3 am on the roof kinda conversations

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